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My name is Jimmy Van.  I came to USA at the age of 14 years old from Vietnam.  During my 14 years in Vietnam, I didn't have a good childhood like any other kids in town.  I was in tears silently every night, just felt sad why my life so miserable.  I lived in a very poor family, my Mom was a single Mom while my Father was a POW (Prisoner of War) who he was fighting for freedom against Vietnam Communist.  He has always been my Hero.  Mom was struggled with daily end meets during the new Vietnam era after 1975; she lost all her assets, she worked so hard from many different gigs just to bring home foods on the table for her kids.  I was the middle child and the only boy in the house, so I had to start to go work at the age of 5 years old.  I was doing various gigs as well like from a waiter, clean restaurant, janitor, walked miles and miles to sell cigarettes to street food vendors' customers.  I switched so many gigs to help out my Mom financially.  I got bullied at school for being so poor, not a same level with them, a lot of harassment by the restaurant owners where I worked by washing the coffee cups, dishes and scrubs the floors.  We were given a tiny cottage, where there was no electricity the whole time we lived there.  We used oil lamp or wax candles replaced with electricity for everything.  I studied under candle lights every night.


After Dad got out of Communist prison; we were finally able to escape Vietnam and flew to USA through the help of Humanitarian Organization program, it was sponsored by the US Government.  Our family came to USA in the winter of 1993 in hope for a better life.  I, myself though it would change my life better but not many people know, I had to go work at McDonald's and various stores after school and weekends to help my parents with rent and foods, all the way through adulthood.

As you can see, I have been through so many struggles all my life, I do understand how the unfortunate people have to go through everyday.  The homeless (elderly, kids, etc...) has to sleep on the street during the winter time, no foods, no heaters, no shelters, nothing.  The orphanage kids on the other hand are also unfortunate enough to lose a parent or both, no school, no vaccinations, no foods, nothing.  And many other unfortunate unmentioned events.  This is why I feel it, my heart hurts from just thinking about it.  I wanted to do something to help the unfortunate people as much as I can, I am still not rich, just more fortunate enough to have enough for survival, but I know for sure that my heart is full of motivation if I have your help.

Lastly, I know people are sensitive about their donation money, they want to make sure their money give to the right people and spending right, I don't blame you for that, I would do the same too.  If you trust me, I will use your donation money wisely, I will document everything.  I will record it like from receiving the donation, things I spent on down to the pennies.  You can click back to Home and click on the "Cash Flow" button to see all the money in and out.  I don't and I won't hide anything, and I'm very transparent for everyone in term of financially.

Please support me with your donations and in turn, I will support the unfortunate people with the things they need with my time.

Thank you in advance from the bottom of my heart.

Bodhi Heart Charity

NOTE:  This charity is a private group, not a 501(c)(3) organization.  If you know how to establish it, please contact me, I would love to get the status change.

NOTE:  My story above is true in every words and from bottom of my heart; No exaggeration in anyway.

Our branch is located in Virginia, USA

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